We are interested in scenarios like a distribution company with strong sales and marketing processes but needing operational excellence.

We partner or acquire software or service companies that are well run, but lacking a strong B2B sales effort.

Another interesting case would be a product or manufacturing company with no current e-commerce presence.

Please note that we do not acquire or work with startups, preferring to focus instead on established companies that have been in business for at least 10 years and already generating between N30 Million to N200 Million in annual revenue.

Beyond The Deal, This Is What We Bring To The Table

Operational Excellence

Most companies can increase productivity and significantly become more efficient with the right operating systems. Without the right tools, systems and processes, business can be hard and frustrating. That's why we constantly ensure we deploy world-class business systems and processes in our companies.

We make companies run more efficiently, generating more value to investors and customers.

Technological Leap

When most businesses start they leverage the best technology available, the challenge is usually with keeping up with technology over time.

We work with our portfolio companies to identify the most critical problems holding back the company from delivering massive value and then solve those problems using best-in-class technology.

We ensure and help companies take the next technological leap in their industry.

Grow Without Limits

To take your company to the next level, we have proven growth strategies deliberately designed for rapid growth. We do not acquire companies in order to suck out the value and discard.

We are always concerned about the long term view. Using our systems to gain business intelligence, increase efficiency and grow faster than anyone else in the marketplace.

We exponentially grow customer value and shareholder value consistently, year-on-year.

Does your business fit the bill?

What we typically look for in companies we acquire:

☑️ We prefer companies that have around 10 years of operating history.

☑️ Steady annual revenue between N30 Million to N200 Million.

☑️ Your company can leverage operational excellence, digital marketing or technological re-tooling to scale further.

☑️ You have a high quality team in place. (We always seek to retain talent and avoid disruption of daily running of the company)

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