We are THE engine of AFRICAN economic growth

We are building a formidable business development engine that can power the future of Africa

We want to be a world-class enterprise that is passionate about increasing the productivity of Africans, creating massive value for investors, shareholders. And committed to the eradication of poverty in Sub Saharan Africa.


Our Mission

We analyse unemotional data, spot economic trends, identify opportunities, and then bring together global and African expertise and investment to build fast-growing businesses that generates alpha returns to every stakeholder.


Our Business Philosophy

Our business philosophy is that the biggest long-term economic opportunity on the planet right now lies in unlocking the creativity, productivity and wealth of one billion Africans.

Africa is the place to grow into.

We see Africa’s unmet needs as opportunities for entrepreneurship, and the need for long-term commitments which is required to build businesses of meaningful scale.


Let us build the future of Africa together

Email contact __a.t__ ademolamorebiseglobal.com and let us start a conversation that could define the future of the continent.